Do you hold functions at Lincoln Financial Field?
Yes. There are always events taking place at Lincoln Financial Field. Our venue offers ideal spaces for a wide variety of occasions including but not limited to trade shows, sales meetings, holiday parties, weddings and bar and bat mitzvahs.

What are the capacity ranges for the rooms in Lincoln Financial Field?
Lincoln Financial Field is adaptable to accommodate events of all sizes, from as small as five people to as large as 5000.  See Our Event Spaces.

Do you provide catering?
Yes. Aramark Catering is our in-house provider.  They offer a wide variety of menus and options. See our Catering info

Do you provide Audio and Visual equipment and support?
Yes. We can make sure to provide you with all your Audio Visual needs to make your event a success. 

Can we take a tour of the stadium?
If you would like to add a stadium tour or self guided tour of Lincoln Financial Field to your event, the Philadelphia Eagles Special Events Office will be happy to arrange it for you.

How do I organize an appearance by Eagles players, Alumni, cheerleaders, SWOOP etc.
Arranging special appearances is one of the amenities that are unique to Lincoln Financial Field.  Let your personal Event Planner know if you have interest. Based on availability, appearances can be arranged from cheerleaders to current and former players and even our mascot, SWOOP.


How do I book an event?
To book, simply contact us at 215-667-6100 or specialevents@lincolnfinancialfield.com.  After an initial conversation to understand your needs, we will arrange a site visit, provide an initial cost estimate and begin the process of making your event a success.

What happens after the site visit?
After a site visit, we create a contract from the discussed details for your review.  To reserve your date, you will need to sign the contract and send it to us with your deposit. 
We strongly recommend you come see in person just how remarkable the facility is. It is also critical that you review your potential floor plan with your Planner and ensure the layout will suite your needs.

When do I need to commit to a date and room?
It is best to commit to a date and room as soon as you are ready to move forward, but the absolute minimum time period needed to execute an event is two weeks.

How late in the event planning process can I change my food order?
We ask that final menu selections be submitted two weeks before an event. Final guest counts and catering counts can be submitted up to three days prior to the event. Any variance from these timetables may result in additional costs.


What are the average prices for events held at Lincoln Financial Field?
Pricing varies for each event depending on a number of factors including event size, space requirements and any enhancements desired (e.g. tours, appearances by cheerleaders or players, messages on the scoreboard, etc). We will provide you with an estimate within three days of your site visit and/or when we know more specifics about your particular event.


Once you have selected the date for your special event at Lincoln Financial Field, a contract will be sent to you to confirm the date. Your signature is required on the contract, which should be returned by the date specified accompanied with a deposit. The deposit due is 50% of the room rental.
The deposit, once received is non-refundable should you cancel. If you need to re-schedule your date, your deposit will be applied to the new date. If you need to reschedule the date more than once, your deposit may be forfeited. There are no Special Events held at Lincoln Financial Field on home game days.

Payments can be made by check, money order or credit card.  All payments are made to the Philadelphia Eagles LLC. Payment for your event including the estimated food and beverage charges, room rental and any ancillary charges is required at least ten (10) days prior to your event date.
A credit card is requested on file to guarantee payment of any additional costs incurred the day of the event. If you are tax exempt, please inform your Special Events contact at the time of booking. A copy of your tax-exempt status will be required for our files. Estimated charges will include state tax if this document is not provided.

Standard Insurance Requirements
If requested, you must provide proof of general liability insurance as follows:
a) $1,000,000 per occurrence
b) $2,000,000 aggregate (per location)
c) Philadelphia Eagles LLC. to be denoted as Additional
Insured for claims arising out of the event, and a waiver of subrogation in favor of the Philadelphia Eagles
Evidence of coverage must be provided ten (10) days prior to the event via an Accord certificate.

Food and Beverage Service
All federal, state and local laws with regard to food and beverage purchase and consumption will be strictly adhered to. Lincoln Financial Field will not dispense alcoholic beverages to anyone under legal drinking age or to any parties considered under the influence of alcohol. It is therefore policy that no liquor, beer or wine may be brought in from outside sources. All food and beverage consumed on the premises must be purchased through our caterer. Remaining food shall not be taken from the premises.

Meal Guarantees
Guarantees are required for the number of persons attending your function by 11:00am three (3) business days prior to the function date. This number will be considered a guaranteed number for attendance, not subject to education. If no guarantee is received, the expected number of guests on the Banquet Event Order will be considered the guarantee. If attendance falls below the guarantee, the licensee is responsible for the number guaranteed.

Customers or exhibitors shipping material and/or equipment to Lincoln Financial Field prior to the event must receive permission and acknowledgement from the Special Events Office. Packages will not be accepted earlier than three (3) working days prior to the event date. Package labels must include:
1) Name of Philadelphia Eagles Special Events representative
2) Name of meeting or event
3) Person receiving materials
4) Date of the event
5) Box numbers (i.e. 1 of 3, etc.)
Storage space is limited. If you are shipping large amounts of materials, this must be approved through the Special Events Department.

Conference Materials
Materials brought into the Lincoln Financial Field that requires use of a cart should be directed to the Lincoln Financial Field loading dock. This includes entertainment, conference materials, wedding cakes, centerpieces, etc.
IN SEASON. Any person(s) requiring the use of the loading dock will need to provide name and time of arrival to the Special Events Office for admittance. This is for security purposes. Failure to provide this information in a timely manner will cause a delay upon arrival. If you have several persons/exhibitors that need to utilize the loading dock, we recommend that you stagger arrival times and ask the individuals to provide their own carts to facilitate move in.

Due to the structure of the building, helium balloons are not allowed. Balloons used to decorate other than helium filled are acceptable. No staples, tacks or adhesives are allowed on any walls or doors within Lincoln Financial Field. Limited size banners are acceptable and will be hung by the Philadelphia Eagles staff. Banners should be delivered to the Special Events Office prior to the event date. Banners may only be placed in the area that has been reserved for the event. Banners cannot be hung to be viewed by the general public unless they have been approved. The use of glitter/confetti to decorate banquet tables is not allowed. Additional clean up fees will be assessed if glitter/confetti is utilized.

Should you have entertainment at your function, please provide the name of your entertainment  company/entertainer to your Special Events Coordinator. On the day of your event, your
entertainer will be required to load any equipment in through the loading dock.

Parking is provided on a complimentary basis. Unless otherwise specified.

Use of Logos
Due to license restrictions, any Philadelphia Eagles logos cannot be utilized or reproduced and should not be used to advertise the event on invitations, posters, banners, or media advertisements.

Flowers, including centerpieces and other decorations may be delivered by the vendor of your choice the day of your event. These items should be brought in through the loading dock. Please advise the Special Events Office of the name of the person(s) making any delivery as well as the anticipated time of arrival. All decorations and flowers should be removed at the conclusion of your event.
Please make sure that any decorations used other than flowers are pre-approved. Wedding cakes are not to be delivered more than three (3) hours prior to the start of your event. The bakery should be instructed to unload at the loading dock. Please advise name and arrival time in advance. You can have the bakery contact us directly to arrange a time and receive further instruction. Your entertainment/entertainer should set up prior to the start of your event. Please instruct them to contact your Special Events representative. Lincoln Financial Field and the Philadelphia Eagles are not responsible for any items left on the premises before, during or after the event.

If you would like to add a stadium tour or self guided tour of Lincoln Financial Field to your event, the Philadelphia Eagles Special Events Office will be happy to arrange it for you.